Micro Solar Lights

MICRO SOLAR is a small ortable light under “SMALL WONDER” series from  Green World Corporation.

MICRO SOLAR is a Multipurpose Portable Solar light with rugged electronics, ultra bright power LED, 5Wp solar module and is powered by Li-Ion Battery. The Light works for 10-12 hrs and can also be charged from  AC  Adopter supplied as an Optional item.

This light has automatic Dawn to Dusk control and is thus suitable for automatic operation in remote location.

The light unit is ideally  suitable for use in village homes, auto operation in remote location, BIO Toilets  and is also  suitable for Urban use as a Portable Reading light in place of Table Lamps and also as an  Emergency light.

Model No : MICRO 5.2-2.1                                    Brand Name : Green World Corporation

Power watt : 1                                                        Weight gm : 200

Packet Size :120x70x45 mm                                                       MOQ - 1 pc.

Size mm : 110X68X42 mm                                                     Lead Time : 5 Days

Price :         Rs 1400/-