Solar Street Lights

“ Green World Corporation “  is a leading manufacturer of Solar LED Street lights in India.

Solar LED based street lights  are our special products. They are  of  latest design, use latest Power LEDs available today, rugged  and are  practically maintenance free. The LED lights lasts for over 6-8  years and Batteries for 5 years and Solar Modules over  10 years. 

The Street light will work for 12 hours continuously and will work for  3   consecutive days  of no Sunshine. The Light is automatically  switched ON and OFF during Dusk and Dawn.

The 12 Volt Tubular, Deep Discharge  Battery used are specially designed  for Solar Operation and  will last for around 5 years with water level checking at 5 to 6 months intervals.

The solar charge controller uses PWM charging technology and protects batteries  against  overcharging and  Deep discharge. They also  incorporate Light timing control circuits, protection against light unit short circuit and  reverse connection. It also  protects solar module against reverse charging from  batteries.

The Light cover is dust and water proof and is made  of cast Aluminium.

The solar panels used are of Mono/Poly Crystalline  type and of rugged design. They  will last for 10 to 15 years and require only occasional cleaning with a soft moist cloth or sponge.

The Company has also developed Solar Street Lights  with Li-Ion Batteries whioch eliminates Battery Maintenance work and also reduces possibilities of Battery theft.









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