Solar Suitcase


Solar Suitcase is a Novel Product from Green World Corporation which makes available solar power  in a portable suitcase. It is ideal for Disaster Management situation with Three Lights including a focus light, Two Mobile Chargers and a 12V DC outlet suitable for  wireless sets, HAM Radios, small TVs  and other DC applications. The lights can work for 8 to 10 hours.

It is highly suitable for  Construction sites,  Military and Border Security Forces,  Mountaineering expedition,  and  Medical Camps  and  emergency situation in remote areas.

The unit comprises foldable  solar panels  which can be  extended to a distance of 12 ft from the suitcase  along with three lights . The unit has dual Power Charging capability and can also be charged from an AC Adopter included  in the unit.

Price: Rs 16,000/-