About Green World Corporation

Green World Corporation was founded in the Year 2007 in Calcutta, India by an experienced Electrical Engineer with focus on Non conventional Energy Equipment Production, Engineering and Consultancy. The company has its office at Calcutta with a few regional offices across India.

The Company is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of Solar Power Systems and LED Lighting Products such as Solar Led Street Light and Home Light, Solar Power Plants, Solar Pumps, Solar Water Heater and LED Lights for wide applications in Industries and Homes. The company main focus has been Solar Power Supply and LED Lighting systems for Factories, Offices, Petrol Pumps, Housing Complexes, Hospitals, Communication Towers and Remote village Homes. The company has developed a few innovative products in the area of Solar Street Lights and Home lights based on Li-Ion Batteries which have been appreciated by our client.

The Company has also developed some new LED Lighting products based on Power LEDs for Homes and Industries which are 30% more bright than conventional SMD based LED units.

The company in its pursuit of latest technology has been active in the area of use of Lithium Batteries and their Charging system for Electric vehicles, Power Storage, Communication, Solar and Wind Power and various other uses. The Company has an Agreement in place with a US Company for manufacture of latest technology Cells and assembling of Battery Packages to suit different applications.

Charging System for Electric Vehicles has also been a prime focus and work is under way to arrange for development, Integration and supply of a reliable and rugged Charger system suitable for Solar operation.

Apart from Manufacturing and Supply, The Company undertakes Project Assignments from Concept to Completion comprising Design ,supply, Installation and commissioning. We have successfully executed Projects across India and for various industries such as Engineering, Military, Fertiliser, Oil and Gas Exploration , Educational Institutions, Petrol Pumps, Village and Urban Homes and also for Hospitals in the Worlds largest river delta of Sunderbans.

Within a brief span of its inception, the company has its presence felt in industrial circle and has supplied its products to major corporate and Industrial houses besides many rural homes and institutions. Green World is staffed with experienced and spirited team of Engineers, Computer and Finance Professionals and Electronic Technicians who are experienced in non conventional Energy areas. Green World Corporation is known for its efficiency, quality, reliability and strong customer support. The manufacturing plant is situated in Kolkata (India), the City of Joy.