Work Profile

1. School Power Plant applications : Small to Medium size power plants have been installed in  Schools for  corridor,     class room  and compound lighting.

2. Power Plant Erection Services : Have carried out Installation services for Solar Power Plants supplied by others.

3. Petrol Pump Led and Solar Conversion : Petrol pump existing MH lights have been retrofitted with LED lights    without any changes to the canopy and later on converted to Solar.

4.Jewelley shop LED Lighting : For Jewellery shop,  LED lighting have been   made and supplied to suit specific site     conditions.

5. Rural Home Solar with Li-Ion Batteries : Our small, rugged and affordable solar lighting have been a great hit with     rural homes eliminating need for burning polluted kerosene fuel.

6. Sunderban Hospitals and Boat Solar Lighting : Around 12 nos. of Sunderban Hospitals and One Solar Hospital     Boat have been provided with Solar Lighting.

7.  Construction site Solar Lighting with Li-Ion Batteries : Our portable  Solar Lighting with Li-ion Batteries have been      widely used in construction sites.

8. Solar Generators for Industries to  replace Diesel Generators : 1 to 5 KW Solar Generators have been supplied to     replace conventional Diesel Generators  in small to medium Industries and  Car servicing stations.

9. Solar Portable Lighting for Mountaineering and Camping applications : Our small rugged  and portable solar lights     provide great convenience for Mountaineering and camping  applications.

10. Solar Training Classes : Such classes are carried out in Engineering and Technical Institutions  which greatly
      benefit students and  prepare them for Solar Plant Installation.

    Orientation classes are also carried out for Executives to  prepare  them  for Supervisory roles.


The work profile broadly comprises  following  areas :


Solar Street Lights and Solar Home Lights for Industries, Hospitals, Housing estates, Villages, Oil drilling plants, Fertiliser Plants, Educational Institutions and many rural homes
Solar Power Plants for  Schools and Petrol Pumps
Solar Lights for Hospitals in Sunderbans
Solar Pumps for Farmers
Solar Water Heating system  for  Homes
Solar Water Preheating system for Boilers
Solar  Power  for lights in a Hospital Boat
Solar Generators in place of Oil guzzling Generators for Factories, Offices and Homes
Developed a new series of  Solar home light cum Lantern with Li-Ion Batteries
LED lighting for Industries, Housing Estates, Hotels, Conference rooms, Petrol  pumps
LED Lighting with remote control for Halls, Conference rooms
LED Lighting with Motion and occupancy sensors for Petrol Pumps
LED Bill board Display signs for Insurance company
Developed  a new type of LED lights for lighting of Homes and factories
Retrofitting LED Lights in Place of conventional lights such as Fluorescent Tubes, CFL,  Sodium Vapour,  Mercury Vapour, Metal Halide and other High Intensity Discharge Lamps