In the fight against a formidable but Invisible Enemy ; COVID-19, Green World Corporation have joined  in  and are offering some valuable weapons to fight with.

We are offering   Disinfectant Walk through Tunnels of  BOROPLAST  fame with  over Two decades of Experience. Passing through the Tunnel for  5 sec will completely disinfect you and for around 4 hours thereafter.

It can be delivered within 10-15 days, set up within a couple of hours, has  Automatic Operation and  no extra manpower would be required. Disinfectant Walk Through Tunnels  are  Effective Protection  against the deadly COVID -19 virus along with many such harmful  ones  and can be widely used in Markets, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutions, Offices, Shops, Cinema Halls, Hospitals, Residential  Complexes, Police Stations, Primary  Health Centres In Villages, Bus Depots, Railway Stations, Airports, Temporary Site Screening  before any mass gatherings and many other uses limited only by your Imagination.

The chemical used for Spraying is the Best available in the world today as per WHO Guidelines and has No harmful effect on Human body unlike cheap quality offered by  Competition.

Apart from this, Hand Spray machines with Disinfectant liquid as per WHO guidelines can also be supplied.

We can also undertake assignment of Disinfecting Houses, Offices, Industries and Apartment Complexes as per specific order.

We have also developed a Home Spray machines, extremely cost effective which can completely disinfect your fruits and vegetables brought from the market before use.

You may place your Enquiry at following contacts:

Mob: 8617290749