MINI SOLAR Light system comprises One main light unit and Two 2 nos Lights which can be plugged into the unit and can be fixed at a distance of 10 to 15 Feet each. This makes a small but functional Home Light system whose main unit is portable as a Lantern, has  Dual Power Charging option with facility for Mobile charging. Light output is good for reading  and  cooking purpose and  will last for around 6to 8 hrs. Apart from Village Homes, the unit can also be used as Emergency Lights in Urban Environment for Shop keepers, Small  Offices, Cinema Halls and  Auditoriums. The unit comes with 10 watt module, Two Light units of 3 watts each and two pairs of 5 m connecting chord for the  Light units.

Model No : MINI 10.9-9.6                                       Brand Name : Green World Corporation

Power watt : 6                                                           Weight gm : 400

Packet Size :370x320x80 mm                                      MOQ - 1 set.

Size mm : 365x310x75 mm                                          Lead Time : 7 Days