Social Responsibility

The company is aware of its social responsibility and  has initiated action in this regard. The company  has developed Li-ion  based “Small Wonder” series of Solar Home Lights costing from $30 to $100. The lights are being distributed free to a few persons.

The company invites companies, institutions and individuals  to sponsor  this product for specific villages where they will directly donate this product to the poor with their names engraved on the product. The basic cost of these products are from US $30 to US$ 100 ( INR 6000/- ).  Your donation will  bring light to a dark house hold and brighten up the lives of an entire family.

Donate from $30 to $100 and bring light to an entire household and brighten up their lives. For Detail please Contact Us.

Solar Power lights up the medical clinics of Sunderbans

Like his famous namesake, Subhas Bose is trying to bring about a revolution of sorts. Five years back the clinics run by SHIS, an NGO, at different blocks of the Sunderbans of West Bengal were mostly without electricity. The clinics, which include three boat dispensaries, provide medical facilities to the villages of the area. Unavailability of electricity at the clinics led to multiple hazards in running them. Pumping clean water, running necessary appliances during emergency were severely affected in the clinics. Besides, lights, monitor, sterilising machines also required electricity to run efficiently. In most cases the operations at the clinics were run with the limited electricity procured from generators which were inadequate in number. During the night and in the monsoons the patients could not get any medical assistance from these clinics due to unavailability of electricity.

In 2000 the area saw a marked change with 12 of the clinics getting electricity through solar energy as Subhas C Bose, CEO of Green World Corporation, partnered with SHIS, to provide electricity to the clinics with the paltry funds of the NGO.

"We provided lights for the entire clinics and the boat dispensary. Lights were put up at the pathological centres, surgery sections, patients’ room, doctors’ chambers, visitors’ room, microscope room, X ray and eye testing rooms and also at the engine room of the boat,” informs electrical engineer turned entrepreneur Subhas Bose.

From 2013 we started focusing on our social responsibility keeping in mind the village population. Over the years we have come up with a number of low cost efficient products that can light up the village homes including a series of lights ideal for rural uses and a powerful home lighting system which comprises one fan plus three lights of 6W and Two of 3w. Alternatively a total of 26Watts of LED lights can be put on to this without the Fan. It has a 50Wp Solar Panel and a Mobile Charging unit and can run for 6 to 8 Hrs.