Solar Suitcase is a Novel Product from Green World Corporation which makes available solar power in a portable suitcase

It is highly suitable for Disaster Management, Medical Camps, Military and Border Security Forces use, Mountaineering expedition and for Construction sites The lights can work for 8 to 10 hours.

It Comprises as follows:

* Three LED Light Bars,

* One Head Lamp

* One focussed light

* One Compact Solar Lantern with Battery Bank; Size of a Smart Phone

* Two Mobile Charging Sockets

* A 12V DC outlet suitable for wireless sets, HAM Radios and small TVs

* Optional Fetal Monitor for Medical Use

The unit comprises foldable solar panels which can be extended to a distance of 12 ft from the suitcase along with three lights . The unit has dual Power Charging capability and can also be charged from an AC Adopter included in the unit